What should startups consider before implementing blockchain technology?

As blockchain technology continues to attract a wide range of organisations from long-standing enterprises and multinational corporations to ambitious startups, business leaders need to be savvy and do their research before they dive in and make a splash in the unknown waters of this emerging technology.

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2018: The Year of Crypto Funds

The year of 2017 witnessed a jaw-dropping increase in the market cap of cryptocurrencies, and the crazy money effect that followed has attracted an influx of funds at an unprecedented velocity. While individual-oriented financing activities in this space, often referred to as Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs, are facing more and more pressure from regulators, institutional investors of cryptocurrencies, or “crypto funds,” have come to dominate this emerging financial market.

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NGC Boston Meetup: About DID and STO

There has been no shortage of conversation surrounding blockchain development, investment, and regulation. As the space continues to evolve, how does one decipher between what is noise in a crowded space and what warrants serious conversation

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